The budget of the Krasnodar Territory recorded an increase in taxes from local casinos


According to statistics from the Ministry of Finance of the Krasnodar Territory, the local gambling sector is showing strong growth. This applies to both earnings and the amount of taxes transferred to the regional budget.

As of November 1 this year, representatives of the Cuban gambling industry sent 370.3 million rubles to the state treasury. in the form of fiscal payments. It turned out that this number is twice as high as that recorded in the same period of 2020.

Last year's statistics show that as of September 1, 184.3 million rubles were received in the regional budget from gaming facilities in Kubana. The total amount of fiscal payments in this sector of the economy was 440.3 million in national currency. In 2021, the planned casino fee rate in the region is approximately 424.78 million ₽

It is important to clarify that local operators have seen a steady increase in local treasury contributions since March this year. As of June 1, the considered income item of the region amounted to 192 million ₽ and exceeded last year's indicator 1.7 times. By September, revenues had increased 2.2 times or 298.4 million rubles. Over the next 30 days, the amount of taxes paid by gambling increased to 333.7 million ₽. At the same time in the previous year amounted to 156.3 million rubles.

Recall that the Krasnaya Polyana Gambling Zone has announced plans to celebrate the New Year and the 5th anniversary of its operation. The celebration promises a rich entertainment program. In the period from 31 December to 9 January, a number of concerts by well-known pop stars will take place in the IZ. The zone will be congratulated by the group “Bi-2”, Valery Meladze, “NEPARA” and other artists. In addition, the administration will organize a unique event “Magic 5. Everything is real!”, In which a prize fund of 35,000,000 rubles will be drawn.

New Investor udbuild‌ ‌в‌ ‌IZ‌ ‌ “Primorye”


A new hotel complex will be built in the Primorye gambling zone. Representatives of Primorsky Krai Development Corporation and Asia-Invest Group LLC informed about the construction of such a building. The parties have already signed the relevant agreement and are preparing a work plan.

The preliminary cost of the project is estimated at 2.5 billion rubles. Local authorities noted that, in general, gambling facilities in the region have attracted more than 75 billion rubles, and 20 of them have already been received by the government and suppliers.

“We will build a full-fledged hotel complex that will include related entertainment facilities, including a casino. The project will create many new jobs in the region and tax revenues will go to budgets at all levels, from local to the state. Construction work should begin as early as 2022, “the Primorye government said in a press release.

The gambling zone is part of the tourist and entertainment association in Muravyinaya Bay near Vladivostok. The first stage of the project envisages the construction of twelve hotel and hotel complexes. They will have at least three stars. Each of them will have entertainment facilities that will contribute to pleasant entertainment for married couples and young people. Following the signing of an agreement on the construction of a new complex, Asia-Invest Group LLC will become the seventh investor working to create the region's infrastructure.

Note that the company recently announced the resumption of construction work in the gambling zone of the Naga Corporation Ltd hotel complex in Cambodia. This became known in late summer from a press release from local authorities. Previously, the construction of the facility was suspended due to a coronavirus pandemic.

We remind you that since the beginning of 2021, the Siberian Coin Institute has received more than 140,000 tourists.

IZ Krasnaya Polyana intends to develop internationally


According to Dmitry Anfinogenov, director of gambling development Krasnaya Polyana, the area will be modernized every year. According to the official, the IR management plans to launch one or two facilities here every 12 months. In addition, Krasnaya Polyana's large-scale development initiatives have a single ultimate goal – to turn the gambling zone into one of the world's largest entertainment centers, attracting foreign tourists and generating significant financial assistance to both the regional budget and the state treasury.

“Every year, a cluster of gambling near Sochi will present one or two new specialized facilities. This spring, we opened a modern theater located on the second floor of one of the most prestigious casinos in Europe. Talk about “Casino Sochi”. This is just the first phase, a kind of beginning. It is now on our program to expand the infrastructure of the “Boomerang” gambling establishment. It is also planned to open a spacious restaurant called Gentlemen soon, as well as a hall with slot machines in the Rosa Khutor resort, “admitted Dmitry Anfinogenov.

According to IZ's “Krasnaya Polyana” press service, research by Mikhailov & Partners. Analytics “showed that local casinos are the most famous gambling establishments among the Russians. According to the data received, 73% of respondents know about the existence of Krasnaya Polyana. The second position in this ranking is occupied by IZ “Yantarnaya” in the Kaliningrad region (28%) and the honorary third place was occupied by IZ “Primorye” (24%).

The “Krasnaya Polyana Zone” has earned the trust of the public and is the most promoted brand in the field of gambling in Russia. This territory has a positive image, “said the press service IZ.

Recall that Tigre de Cristal Casino has become a candidate for the prestigious International World Casino Awards.

Digitain won a prestigious award at the Ukrainian Games Week


Digitain won first place in the category “Best Supplier of the Gambling Industry on the Mainland” at the Ukrainian Gaming Week Awards. The event took place in Kiev on the premises of the International Exhibition Center. Here, under one roof, about 3,000 participants and guests got acquainted with new products and advanced solutions in the gambling industry, and more than two dozen companies from 15 countries presented their products.

Ukrainian Gaming Week became the first exhibition of gambling and conferences in the territory of Ukraine after the official legalization of the gambling industry in the country. The corresponding document was signed in August 2020 by President Volodymyr Zelensky. The UGW Award is given to European gambling brands that have achieved the greatest success and demonstrated significant growth by the end of the year.

Digitain is an Armenian company that provides multi-channel platforms for online casinos and land-based gambling establishments. In addition, the developer provides gambling operators with its own portfolio of slots, solutions for casino aggregators, website creation mechanisms and other highly specialized tools.

>. After such a challenging year, we really appreciate that the professionalism of the Digitain teams responsible for our development and platform has been recognized in this way. “

She added:” The award recognizes the constant innovation and creativity of a number of companies in the industry provided by Digitain teams. We thank them for their hard work and enthusiasm. Winning the Ukrainian Games Week is a great honor for us. ”

A visitor to the Venetian Resort Casino wins the progressive jackpot


There was a really big win in the US gambling capital. Its size is even more surprising when you find out the amount of a player's bet. However, this fact gives the whole situation a kind of uniqueness, thanks to which it stands out among hundreds of others.

The episode took place in one of the most prestigious hotels and casinos in Las Vegas – The Venetian Resort. Many people call this building a characteristic feature of the city. Here, in a luxurious and very spacious hall, there are a number of different slot machines. In one of them, the visitor decided to catch a fortune by the tail, which eventually asked the administration to keep his personal data confidential.

According to the operator's report, the guest sat down at a device from a renowned IGT slot developer called the Wheel of Fortune Wild Red Sevens. He didn't want to take too many risks, so he modestly bet five dollars. The wheel began to spin and a few seconds later a message appeared on the screen about the jackpot won, accompanied by the winning music. Its size was more than $ 1.5 million.

As a result, the visitor received a check for an incredible $ 1,578,584. It turned out that the lucky ones managed to win the progressive jackpot from IGT.

“I can't believe what happened. It all happened very quickly – I just sat down to play and was immediately informed that I had become a millionaire. I am grateful to fate for such a gift. This money will help me a lot in implementing my plans. To be honest, I don't think I'll ever be so lucky, “the winner admitted.

Previously, the Wheel of Fortune enriched the people of Virginia. At Las Vegas South Point Casino, the anonymous player won significantly less – only $ 292,374. However, this situation again proves the effectiveness of IGT machines.

Recall that a visitor to Harrah’s Las Vegas won over $ 290,000 at the hotel's poker casino poker table.

Ukraine will continue to support the legalization of casinos

>> According to him, the reform of the local sphere of gambling increases its effectiveness every day.

The official builds his own position on already started mechanisms. One of them, according to Kuchukhidze, is the extensive fight against the shadow market and corrupt instruments. He noted that for the first time since gambling vetoes in 2009, gambling “has returned to the mainstream of the law and seriously affected illegal programs.”

In addition, as head of the Ukrainian Gambling Council, she stated that the legalization of gambling in Ukraine has attracted increased attention to the issue of social protection of citizens, children and vulnerable sectors of society.

“Experience from 12 years ago has shown that stopping the gambling business has proved to be an unbearable burden.” Emerging illegal schemes have become a guarantor of large revenues for their authors, but not for the state. The company was left without any protection. Recently, however, sector-specific initiatives have provided support to children and gamblers. Authorities have now received tools to control operator liability. We are now on a civilized path, “said Anton Kuchukhidze.

The expert concluded his argument with information about the financial component of the development of gambling business in the country. So he turned his attention back to the fact that Ukrainian licenses are the most expensive on the European continent. According to him, the state is very interested in attracting foreign investment, so it will strongly support the process of legalization and industrial reform.

He also reminded that now there are about ten large foreign operators, whose names are well known, are waiting for a decision by the Commission on the regulation of gambling and lotteries in Ukraine to issue a local license.

Recall that the expert is convinced that Ukraine will gain many benefits from the development of gambling business in the country.

Gambling Zone Siberian Coin in Altai Territory – Casino, official site, player reviews


The Siberian Coin Zone was established by a Russian government resolution of 9 February 2008. It is located in the Altai Territory, 280 km from Barnaul, on an area of ​​more than 2,300 hectares near the village of Aya. The location was not chosen by chance, because in the east the gaming zone borders the tourist complex “Turquoise Katun” and this district reduces the cost of infrastructure development and promises an influx of tourists to the casino.

Initially, there were three companies among the residents: Alti, Royal Time Group and Energy M.

He abandoned the idea of ​​investing in 2015 and a subsidiary of Royal Time Group (RTG-Siberia) did not do any work for a long time, but did not leave the population. In 2019, the decision of the arbitral tribunal terminated the contract with the company and its owners were ordered to pay a fine of 55 million rubles to the regional budget.

Gambling zone Siberian coin in Altai - casino, official website, player reviews

Tourist complex “Turquoise Katun”

Since the establishment of the gambling zone in Siberia, the only company that has actually developed a special territory was LLC “Alti”. Its owner, Vladimir Kutyev, manages the city-building company of the city of Gorno-Altaisk, which is closest to IRZ. According to various sources, about 2 billion rubles have been invested in the development of the site. Now in Altai there is one entertainment complex with a casino, hotel and restaurant.

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Altai Palace Casino was opened in 2014, later opened a four-star hotel with 46 rooms. There are 150 slot machines and 32 gaming tables in the games rooms; there has been a poker club here since 2016. In addition to the classic gambling, the institution offers a pool room with 4 tables for Russian billiards, one for American billiards and a table for billiards. There is a restaurant and a SPA salon on the entertainment complex. Altai Palace Casino The main problem with the Sibirskaya Moneta casino was its remoteness from civilization and, as a result, its lack of infrastructure.

The good road was not built until 2019. It came to the point that the operator organized a transfer by helicopter to comfortably transport players to the Altai Palace.

Now the administration is trying to attract customers, among other things through excursions, offers of horseback riding and helicopters, jeep tours focused on family vacations. Nearby are Tavdinsky Caves, Lake Teletskoye and the most famous Altai mountain Belukha. Picturesque places in the “Turquoise Katun” nature zone attract a lot of people every year, but these tourists are often not interested in visiting the casino. In recent years, therefore, the operator has begun to actively develop the so-called tourism events: music and sports festivals and other mass events take place in the entertainment complex.

Gamblers from neighboring big cities and tourists from all over Russia were expected to visit the entertainment complex, and foreign citizens took part in visiting the casinos. The official website of the Siberian Coin Zone states that it was planned to build by 2019:

  • a casino with thousands of slot machines and hundreds of gaming tables;
  • hotels with 3 rooms 000 seats;
  • ski resort;
  • restaurants serving cuisine of different nations;
  • year-round aquapark, dance stages, boutique chain, theaters.

At the end of 2019, however, the plans were not implemented and the statements of the owner of the only casino about the future of the Sibirskaya coin are not optimistic. Now Vladimir Kutiev has taken a standstill position and is betting on the further development of the special zone by attracting new investors.

The trader takes a sober look at things and talks about bad air traffic, unstable economic situation and low incomes. All this, in his opinion, deters potential residents.

According to some reports, the special territory was still able to attract an investor who is ready to invest several billion rubles in a large project. It is noteworthy that the shareholder of the new company is the co-founder of the existing investor Alti. LLC “Zolotaya Swallow 8” has entered into an agreement and plans to begin construction of a gambling and entertainment center in 2020 and fully complete the work by 2024. There will be at least one other gambling establishment, hotel and other facilities to attract tourists.

Interview with the HR director of a large gambling company


The editorial staff continues a series of publications devoted to various professions in the gambling industry. The hero of the second article was the HR director of one of the CIS gambling companies.

– How long have you been in the gaming industry and what is your current role in society?

– In fact, it is the function of HR and the only recruiter in one person. For me, it's the only process because it's much easier to adapt, motivate and even fire people when you know the employee from the moment you receive the CV and the first interview. In general, I have been working in HR/recruitment for almost 10 years, in gambling for about four years.

How did you start your professional career?

– From an administrator in an international recruitment agency, then she was an external recruiter, then a recruiter in a food IT company, first without technical specializations, then with and outside them (non-technical specialties), to + technical and then HR. In fact, there was no formal transition to the position – there was a turning point, when it was necessary to make a decision, take responsibility for oneself and become an HR from the position of recruiter independently.

– What are your responsibilities? What is a typical working day?

– Responsibilities – the entire recruitment cycle from the opening of a vacancy to the offer and the entire HR cycle from entry to dismissal. There are many responsibilities, but there is always room for creativity. The company supports any initiative that will have a positive impact on the business as a whole.

I'm building a standard work day for myself. I start in the morning with myself, in the sense that I have to check social networks, news sites. Then I will allocate 2-3 hours for CV analysis, correspondence with candidates, interview appointments. In the afternoon, I focus on more global tasks in the field of HR. However, this division is conditional, because communication with employees, assistance in solving their problems is available both during working hours and after working hours in the format of personal communication or correspondence.

Interview with the HR Director of a large gambling company

In the United States alone, 350,000 people officially worked in gambling in 2014

– How is HR in the gambling industry different from other areas?

– The gambling industry is a special place and the experts in it are really different from others. Due to the specifics of business, you often need to act quickly and be able to make important decisions in a short time. As a result, in general, specialists are not “processors”, but “results” – they focus on the end result and think about the results, this applies to any position. There is also a minimum of bureaucracy, which allows you to constantly search for new tools for digitization and automation, which management supports and appreciates.

– Do you have any experience with hiring foreign specialists? What are their main differences from employees from Russia and Ukraine?

– I have had experience working with English-speaking candidates, it's like a personal challenge. When interviewing in a foreign language, it is a bit more difficult to find the right words and gain a sense of the candidate's character and soft skills. It takes a little more time to understand if your candidate is. I do not see any difference in employees from Russia and Ukraine, they all have the same goals. Natives have a more mature approach, a better understanding of exactly what they want, and a more open expression of what they are looking for. Maybe the situation has changed now, but about 4 years ago, when the natives realized that there were few of them, they felt that the game was on their side, they behaved more confident.

– How have people's attitudes and reception methods changed over the last 10 years? What changes can we expect in the coming years?

– There are more resources for finding specialists, the site itself is improving, new features are emerging that really save time. For example, an online chat with a candidate on the website. I'm not a fan of phone candidates because I have to go to a meeting room, which distracts me, and online chat allows you to clarify the necessary details in a correspondence format with the candidate and solve other problems at the same time. I think there will be more and more necessary and useful automation tools. And that's good news.

– What channels do you use to find staff? What works best?

– It all depends on the specifics of the position. The standard for development and the highest position is Djinni. This is more suitable for finding traders, telegram channels work well for them. Linkedin was also not canceled. It takes more time to work with it, but it is still a good tool for finding rare specialists. For beginners, jobs remain relevant. And of course the recommendations of the employees work very well.

– What causes the biggest problems in hiring?

– Specific specifics – Not all job seekers want to gamble. And the inability to openly identify the product to be worked on. For example, in the job description.

– How much is the turnover of employees in gambling and why?

– We have a small turnover. Basically, it is in the support service, mainly due to internal rotation: the growth of employee skills and, as a result, the transfer to a higher position.

– What are the main problems you will encounter now when looking for new people?

– It is difficult to find professionals when it is critical that a candidate has relevant experience in a specialized field because no one publicly lists a gambling company in the profile due to the NDA.

– If you want to work in the gambling industry, how to get there?

– Many people rely on a support service because that's where you can best study the product itself and your audience.

– Are the salaries of online casino specialists different from those in other areas?

– Yes, they usually differ upwards for the same positions. At the same time, for technical specialists involved in the development, the market price does not depend on the niche.

– Recruitment requires a lot of communication with people. Are there times of burnout and fatigue from people? How do you handle it?

– Of course, there are such moments. Here, the ability to switch between tasks and changing the environment helps. If I feel that I am not emotionally ready for communication, I will move on to analytical work, study or the development of something new. It will also help to change the scenery – leave the city for a weekend, spend time with loved ones in a close circle.

– What are the main advantages and disadvantages of your profession? What is the hardest and what is charged the most?

– The pros are communication with specialists from various professions, with interesting people. Opportunity to help individual specialists and companies become better and more successful. The ability to act out of the box, to be creative, to research or to come up with various functions, the implementation of which facilitates certain processes. People management, non-standard tasks, freedom of action and the ability to come up with something new.

On the downside – the work is quite stressful, due to the niche, everything is often needed “yesterday”. When solving a business problem, we must not forget the human factor. Even if you feel stressed inside, then when communicating with employees you need to be able to forget these emotions and move on to the positive. The first dismissal of the employee was, of course, very difficult. This is something that will be remembered forever. The dismissal of an employee is now the door to something better for him. The ability to say goodbye beautifully and correctly is a profitable skill.

Useful “If the dealer is at the table, he's a professional.” Interview with a dealer from Casino Sochi The hero of other material was Elena S., who works as a croupier at the Sochi Casino. The 22-year-old took up the position after finding a vacancy at a well-known recruitment position, and does not regret her choice a bit. We … Read more

– Why do you fire people most often and how to do it right?

– Mostly due to lack of results at work. The dismissal must always be correct and must be carried out independently by the manager or by three of us (employee and manager). Be sure to state the reasons for the dismissal.

– Which is better: a novice with no experience with burning eyes or an employee with experience?

– Ideally, a person with experience and burning eyes.

– Are there more negative or positive emotions, routines or creativity in your work?

– Of Of course positive emotions, I can find them even in the most stressful situations. Routine and creativity – 30 to 70. I try to make life easier and find ways to shorten the routine, I like to automate processes – for me it's part of creativity.

– What benefits should HR have for effective work?

– Effectiveness, stress resilience, flexibility, creativity, tolerance, the ability to take responsibility and admit mistakes.

– How much does HR earn on average? What is his income – fixed part, bonuses for a hired expert, something else?

– In my case, the position combines recruitment and HR, so there is no point in making a bonus for a hired specialist – I'm looking for people for my own company. If the company has a recruitment department that deals exclusively with search and selection, then yes, the bonus for the hired employee should be paid after the probationary period by the candidate. The recruiter will therefore be interested in the quick adaptation of the newcomer and will help him with that.

There should definitely be an HR award, but no matter the time – only with a focus on results: a new element is developed and implemented, a tool implemented to automate any routine tasks, etc. Of course, the salary fork depends – $ 1,500 to $ 3,500. Yes, the scope is large, but positions in different companies imply different roles.

The oldest gambling establishment in Monaco is the Monte Carlo Casino

– What is considered unacceptable in this profession?

– Dislike of people, unwillingness to understand the business in which you work and which you help to develop by constantly working with employees. It's crazy, but discipline is very important for HR, as well as for every leader and team leader.

– What do your family, relatives and friends think about your job?

– Great, for the most part no one knows the scope of the company. And those who know are neutral.

– Are you gambling?

– Rarely and purely for testing your company's product. I like it, but not to the extent that I can spend my free time playing the game. I treat the gambling industry normally, treating business as trade.

– Do you have experience playing in a stone casino?

– Yes, but also just for fun. He was in one of the oldest casinos in Monaco. It would be silly to be there and not play. Insanely colorful place and pleasant atmosphere.

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Interview with an online casino support worker

>'s editorial staff publishes a series of publications on gambling professions. We dare to hope that talks with industry will allow players to better understand how the gambling industry works. After all, employees of land and online casinos can say a lot of interesting things about their indoor kitchen. Their stories will give you a new perspective on casinos and gambling.

The protagonist of the first publication was a specialist in online casino services, which is quite symbolic. Technical support staff is the first to be approached by new customers and regular players if they have questions about games, bonuses, account replenishment, winnings, etc. The site's reputation largely depends on their professionalism.

 Interview with the

Online Casino Support OfficerEugene N. has been a technical support employee of a well-known online casino for 5 years and is now involved in the development and promotion of gambling affiliate programs. He agreed to an honest interview on the condition that he did not state his real name and the name of the casino where he worked.

– How did you get into the gambling industry and what led you to this choice? ?

– By chance. After graduating from university with a degree in information security, he began looking for work. In many companies, young specialists are paid little, the salary is only enough to rent an apartment, little remains for themselves. Therefore, when I saw a vacancy for the position of technical support specialist with a salary four times higher than the market average, I was very interested. I sent my resume and continued my search. And a week later, I was invited for an interview in which I was told that it was an online casino. Knowledge of Russian, basic English and knowledge of HTML were enough to rent. I met all the criteria, I started studying and working.

– What are the main responsibilities of a technical support representative?

– Answer regular customer questions and help new customers understand the site's functionality, bonus program and casino rules. Newcomers often ask how to make a deposit correctly, enter a promotional code, etc. Online support (employee on the phone or online chat – Editor's note) is a person you can complain of a significant loss. Sometimes – cover it with real Russian vulgar language (laughs – roughly ed.). Personally, I tried not to write formulated phrases for losing players, but I tried to calm them down and offer a bonus.

We also regularly tested all elements of the website – displaying games from providers, operation of payment systems, the availability of casino mirrors. After any site update, all features were checked because the update could affect previously working components. In the event of an unusual situation, the information was passed on to the relevant system administrator.

– What issues and questions do clients most often address?

– The two most common questions: where is my payment and why was no deposit credited. In the first case, the player simply did not wait for the payment to be processed or saw a letter requesting verification of documents. We had up to 24 hours to make payments, but payments were usually made within 2-3 hours.

In the second case, the problem occurred due to an accidentally created second account. We implemented fast registration using social networks. The client could log in via VK, make a deposit and go drink tea. After a while, the system automatically logs out, the person logs in via Mail and does not see the money. In the admin panel, we had an algorithm that determined multiple accounts by IP. We have blocked an empty account for such players and left an account with money.

– How did you communicate with the players? What rules and regulations exist in this regard and how is the control carried out?

– In the dialogue with the client, it is strictly forbidden to be rude, use obscenity and leave messages unanswered. Even if the line is loaded and the client has left the site, we need to answer his question.

All client information is collected on the player's card, which is available to technical support specialists. All changes in it are automatically recorded by the program: who made the changes, what. This applies to bonuses, personal information, etc.

– Does the technical support technician have access to the player's balance?

– Support cannot change the balance, it is disabled. This feature has been disabled for us. Only the project manager and top management could do this through the ticket.

– How can a player properly engage in technical support dialogue to get full answers to their questions quickly?

– Any dialogue is correct if it starts with a normal greeting and briefly formulates a question. If the line does not load, support will try to answer everyone as soon as possible. If the message shows aggression, contains obscene expressions, the employee can postpone communication, switch to parallel lines. Of course, it is forbidden to provide support, but there have been cases.

Technical Support Tools

– How did you deal with the negative?

– I have a stable psyche, I left all the negatives in the workplace.

– How did you rest?

– I didn't have much rest. If it was boring, I started learning something new. If it was completely covered, I went to the pub after the shift.

– Is it hard work overall?

– Easy, especially after 3-4 months of practice. In the first months, I read many examples of real dialogues between colleagues and clients to understand how best to start a conversation, I learned quick-response scripts, manuals for all admin panels. At first, it was not easy to have dialogues with three or more players at once – you have to react quickly, have a lot of information in your head. But over time, it could be said that the whole process passed to autopilot. Of course, we do not take emergency situations into account.

– What situations do you remember best?

– Over time, all unusual situations become commonplace, now it is difficult to remember. I can tell you about a big win on my shift and a big loss.

On the night shift, the player writes to me with the question: “What are the payout limits?” I check his account and see the balance of 8 million rubles! He won this amount overnight in the Garage slot machine from Igrosoft with maximum deposits. The entire technical support service humanly feared that the player would not use up all the money back to the casino, but would withdraw it. And so it happened: the client had previously been verified and was paid in installments, taking into account the limits.

And the biggest loss in my memory was 10 million rubles, in just one night! The client lost the entire amount and made 100 thousand deposits.

– Casino employees are expected to reach an agreement with the players. What are the schemes for online casinos?

– There is no point in negotiating with casino players, as it is not possible to tune slot machines and will not work if no deposit is credited because it is monitored by the security service.

There was a case of fraud by one provider. We were directly connected to his games, and the company's employees, who had access to statistics, knew when a particular slot should give a large amount, and won regularly. They did everything competently, each withdrew 10-15 thousand rubles. This scheme was discovered in our casino and the software was turned off. I will not name the company and the machines.

Useful “A player needs 5 minutes to reach an agreement with a dealer.” Interview with a former stone casino dealer in Russia. Part 2 The portal continues its regular section dedicated to gambling professionals. The interview with the former seller, which was published earlier, had a wide response. Many questions came to the editors from readers who would like to know more about the croupier's work. A former stone casino employee continues … Read more

– Who and how most often violates casino rules?

– Usually no one intentionally breaks the rules. Nobody reads them. Players do not take this seriously when filling in the questionnaire, they enter fictitious data and after sending the scanned documents there will be problems with verification. We asked such players for a complete package of documents: passport, bank card and selfie with them in hand, service bill with address. If all documents were for one person, we made changes to the profile and did not block the account.

– Now there is more and more talk about replacing specialists supporting any company with robots and artificial intelligence. How does this apply to the gambling industry?

– Robots and artificial intelligence can definitely replace answers to stereotypical questions, but online support for living people will still remain. For example, in the casino where I worked, there was a cashback, which was automatically credited at 00:05. One day at ten in the evening, the client writes to me and asks me to credit this bonus. He lost about 10,000 rubles a day and even more than two hours before the increase of a thousand due to him. In such a situation, the support may enter the position and activate the funds a little earlier if it is a regular casino customer. It is unlikely that the robot will be able to understand the player, compare all the data and make the right decision.


– Describe a few other situations to understand the inner workings.

– For example, a player asks for a bonus. I look at his profit in the casino for a month and for the last 24 hours, and if the client brought out 10,000 rubles, I can credit him with cashback. Conversely, if a player wins, withdraws funds and requests a reward at the same time, he may be offered a deposit bonus.

Or the player reports that he did not count the combinations on the machine, which in principle cannot be. We pass the information to the developer, take the history of the game and explain to the client why they are wrong using an example of history. In society, all this is accompanied by tickets of high importance and subsequent control.

– Does this mean that the technical support employee should also understand the machines?

– We were required to know the best casino games, their official name and colloquiality to represent the content of the bonus rounds. Usually, if a player is looking for a slot, he has already seen it or heard about it somewhere, so the person describes the bonus game or the main character and we suggest. Over time, I've learned all the popular titles: “Books,” “Ropes,” “Strawberries,” “Pyramids,” etc.

– How many applications did you process on average per day?

– 80-100 calls in a twelve-hour shift.

– What was the plan and how many people were on the team?

– There were day and night shifts for 24/7 support – 8:00 to 20:00 and from 20:00 to 8:00, two days a week. 5 people worked – 4 junior shifts and the main customer support specialist 5 days a week from 8:00 to 20:00.

– How much does an average employee earn with such a plan?

– Approximately $ 500. This does not include bonuses and bonuses.

– How was your work day?

– When I got to work, I took important information from a colleague and found out what happened overnight, whether there were technical problems or not. Then he brewed coffee and sat down on the line.

– What programs did you use in your work?

– From software available on the Internet, only Atlassian's Jira error tracker, LiveChat online service, and TeamViewer remote control program. Everything else is the company's admin panel.

TeamViewer & # 8211; client program

– High turnover in this profession?

– We had virtually no turnover, this is no regular call center – important information may be leaked when an employee is fired. The company followed the principle that it is better to train its employee than to take a new one off the street.

– But you came across a vacancy by accident. What advice can you give to people who want to get a job in online casino support?

– Yes, I saw a free space on a regular bulletin board on the Internet. If you want, you can find gambling companies and send your resume there. You can also sign up for Linkedin, where you can hunt for an expert.

– Have there been any dangerous situations in your professional activities?

– No, only employees with online IDs could enter the office, and the company had a great security service.

– Have there been cases of personal acquaintance and informal communication with casino clients?

– Not even that. Outside the office, employees are prohibited from communicating where and to whom they work. I worked in an online store for all my acquaintances.

– Didn't your relatives know?

– Relatives knew this and treated very calmly.

– What career growth is possible for a support professional?

– It depends on the wishes of the employee and his performance, as in any other company. For example, the director of our office started working as a technical support specialist. If the specialist had active sales, you can grow from a technical support manager or move to marketing.

– What do you mean by sale?

– Each promotion has personal promotional codes for deposit bonuses and has the right to offer them to players if appropriate in the dialogue. At the end of the month, we received bonuses depending on the amount of players' deposits for the personal promotion. The head of department followed.

– What is the responsibility of the Technical Support Manager?

– Our manager regularly checked dialogues with clients due to rough communication between employees, errors in explaining situations, direct sales in the chat. Heads of department usually do not sit on the line – only in emergency situations where customers interrupt the chat. For example, if the payment system gateway or one of the mirrors fell under a DDOS attack.

– Do you think the domestic gambling industry is close to Western standards? Is work different in foreign casinos and in ours?

– If we are talking about a casino with at least a Curacao license, then it is no different: all casinos have a similar set of gaming software, payment systems and bonuses. More serious licenses simply expand the possibilities of entering markets in other countries. I don't consider scripted casinos because they are already bent. It seems to me that in three years there will be two or three “Vulcans” and that's it. Players have learned to distinguish counterfeit software from the original. But if I were a gambler, I would only play in casinos with a Maltese license – this regulator really responds to players' complaints.

– Players from different countries are also likely to differ in mentality. Have you encountered this in your work?

– Yes they are. In European countries, players chase more jackpots, in Russia and the CIS are looking for income. In addition, European customers have higher incomes, which is why the long-distance player brings more money to the casino. On the other hand, in my experience, most freeloaders and bonus hunters came to us from Poland.

– Can you play for yourself in the casino for real money?

– This has been banned in our company. In test accounts, we could replenish the balance and test this or that slot.

– But are you gambling?

– No, I'm not a player. Although I can play Live Blackjack 1-2 times a year.

– Does that mean you've never encountered gambling before working in a casino?

– Once, at eighteen. He accidentally went to a game club with a classmate and “threw” 10 cents in this ratio and won $ 3! Never before you get a job at a casino. Now, if I am in a country where stone casinos are allowed, I will definitely visit it.

Online Casino Gambling

– What is your general approach to gambling given your five years of online casino experience?

– Positive. It seems to me that all countries should legalize online gambling, provided that account verification and payments are controlled by the state. Many rich people play in the casino to replenish the budgets of their countries. And, of course, government control over gambling addiction is needed.

– What advice would you give to people interested in gambling?

– Here are some tips. After registration, go through the verification, play only in the official slots and remember that having a license does not mean using the original software. It is better to focus on a licensed casino in Malta.

Hobby players would be advised to follow the rule – not to lose more than 10% of their income per month. After a big win, it is better to stop and withdraw the whole amount. If we are talking about high cylinders, you should know the limits for selection in advance. Please read the betting and wagering conditions carefully before activating bonuses. I can also recommend using Slottracker software, which collects all the information about slot machines and game sessions: RTP, launch history, general statistics, etc.

The collection of questions is complete. Thank you for your participation! You can read the answers in the interview here.

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